Stop Burning Yourself Out: How to Prioritize Yourself in Relationships

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Learn the importance of self-care and how it can help you avoid burnout while holding space for others. Prioritize yourself by setting boundaries.

Discover practical and helpful statements for setting boundaries and prioritizing your own well-being in relationships.

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  1. Quote for Self-Care
    1. Prioritize Yourself
    2. Setting Boundaries
  2. Summary
  3. Related Topics

Quote for Self-Care

The quote, “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm,” is a powerful reminder that you do not have to sacrifice your own well-being to help others.

As humans, we often have a natural tendency to prioritize the needs and happiness of those around us. While nothing is inherently wrong with this, neglecting our needs and joy becomes problematic.

Self-sacrifice is often seen as a virtue, and it can be rewarding to help others. However, it is crucial to recognize that there are limits to what we can give without hurting ourselves.

Ignoring these limits leads to burnout, resentment, and a loss of our own identity and sense of self-worth.

Prioritize Yourself

It is crucial to remember that taking care of ourselves is not selfish; it is necessary.

Just as we must put on our own oxygen masks before helping others on a plane, we must prioritize our own well-being to help those around us effectively.

This can include setting boundaries, saying no to unreasonable requests, and taking time for self-care.

When we prioritize our own well-being, we become better equipped to help others in meaningful ways. By caring for ourselves, we can better show up for the people we care about with more energy, compassion, and empathy.

Moreover, setting boundaries and prioritizing our own well-being can set an example for those around us. It shows that we value ourselves and our needs and encourages others to do the same.

Setting Boundaries

By modeling self-care and self-respect, we create a culture of mutual care and respect that benefits everyone.

Here are some helpful statements to use when setting boundaries in your relationships:

  • “I need some space to focus on myself right now.”
  • “I appreciate your concern, but I need to make my own decisions.”
  • “I understand your perspective, but I need you to respect mine as well.”
  • “I need to set some boundaries to prioritize my well-being.”
  • “I’m not comfortable with that, and I need you to stop.”
  • “I need us to communicate more effectively and respectfully.”
  • “I need to be able to trust you, which means respecting my boundaries.”
  • “I need you to listen to me and validate my feelings.”
  • “I need to take a break from this conversation/argument to calm down.”
  • “I need to prioritize my own needs and wants sometimes, and that doesn’t mean I care any less about you.”


In conclusion, the quote “You are not required to set yourself on fire to keep others warm” reminds us that taking care of ourselves is not selfish but necessary for our well-being and those around us.

We must prioritize our own needs and happiness to be able to help others effectively.

By doing so, we take care of ourselves and set an example for others to follow, creating a culture of mutual care and respect.

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