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Suzanne Marie Inspiring a Fulfilled Life at the beach
Suzanne Marie, MA., M.Ed.

Hi! I’m Suzanne. These stories help you reduce overwhelm so you focus on what matters. Enjoy the read!

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  • How Life Lessons Bridged an Old Man and a Lonely Palm Tree

    Discover how an unexpected encounter beneath a lonely palm tree in Hainan, China, taught valuable life lessons about connection, empathy, and transcending language barriers. This inspiring journey will show you the power of seeking connection, even in the most unlikely places. Background I found myself at a crossroads in the stillness of a Hainan afternoon.…

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  • Challenges and Triumphs of Living in Tropical Paradise (Hainan, China)

    Discover life’s vibrant allure and hidden challenges in Hainan, China’s tropical paradise. Navigate the delicate balance between adapting to extreme seasons and embracing the laid-back lifestyle. Explore how to stay healthy and comfortable with expert insights to pack smart for your next tropical adventure. Exploring Hainan’s Tropical Charm Hainan is nestled off the southern coast…

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  • How Life in China Painfully Made me Grow up (in My 40s)

    Discover the transformative journey experienced while adapting to life in China. From small-town Canada to bustling Beijing, follow a path of resilience and lessons learned. Explore the unexpected challenges and rewards of embracing a new life abroad. Opening Up to Unexpected Growth If you had asked me ten years ago whether I saw myself living…

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  • How Can Home Sweet Home Leave You Bewildered? (Reverse Culture Shock)

    Embarking on a journey home after years abroad unveils an unexpected emotional voyage known as reverse culture shock. Join me as we navigate the tumultuous waters of returning to familiar shores, exploring personal anecdotes like the overwhelming moments at Heathrow Airport. Discover the profound insights gained from experiencing culture shock in reverse as we delve…

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  • How Does the Dragon Boat Festival Celebrate Traditional Chinese Family Meals? (Zongzi)

    Dive into the captivating world of the Dragon Boat Festival as we explore the cultural significance and mouthwatering delights of zongzi, the iconic sticky rice dumplings. Discover ancient legends, thrilling dragon boat races, and the cherished customs bringing families together during this cherished Chinese festival.

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  • A Culinary Love Story Exploring the Flavors of Ghanaian Jollof Rice

    Join us as we savor the aromatic flavors of Ghanaian Jollof Rice and a tantalizing Chicken Stew, bridging cultural gaps and celebrating the harmony of diverse culinary traditions. This blog post includes step-by-step recipes for Ghanaian Jollof Rice and Chicken Stew.

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  • How a Chinese Tea Ceremony Promotes Health and Mindfulness

    Discover how a Chinese tea ceremony promotes health and mindfulness through art, culture, and tradition. This blog post explores the richness of ancient traditions through a tour of two Chinese tea houses in Hainan, China. Tea Tasting Experience A friend of mine recommended a tea tour in Hainan, China. She connected me with a family…

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  • How to Make Authentic Chinese Family Meals Perfect for Sharing

    Ready to make authentic Chinese family meals in the comfort of your kitchen? Learn how to make classic hot pot dishes using this step-by-step guide! Chinese families have gathered around the dinner table for generations to enjoy traditional home-cooked meals. One of my favorite options for a family dinner is a hot pot. This authentic…

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  • Discover the Most Beautiful Beaches in China 

    China’s Hainan Island offers some of the most stunning beaches in the world. From crystal-clear waters to historical sites, there is something for everyone looking to explore this beautiful area. Learn more about the best beaches in China and plan your perfect getaway today! This blog post explores three of the best beaches in China…

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  • Making Memories: The Secret to Happy Travel

    Whether it’s your first trip, a weekend, or a year-long one, the path to making incredible travel memories is attainable. With the right attitude and tips for planning, booking, and enjoying your journey, you can make every moment count on your next happy travel experience. Top Happy Travel Tips Going on a journey is a…

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