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Suzanne Marie, MA., M.Ed.

Hi! I’m Suzanne. These stories help you reduce overwhelm so you focus on what matters. Enjoy the read!

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  • How to Change Your Life with the Power of Words

    Explore the depths of linguistic habits in psychology and unveil how transforming our words holds the power to alter our self-image. Reconsidering the Power of Words Isn’t it fascinating how every word we breathe into existence carries its own unique vitality? Imagine those words as ripples, extending their influence across the universe. Whenever we open…

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  • How to Cultivate Patience, Trust, and Remarkable Personal Growth

    Discover the significance of cultivating patience and trust in the process, allowing remarkable changes to unfold. Have you ever felt stuck, waiting for the right moment to pursue your dreams, and unsure how to take that first giant leap toward personal growth and fulfillment? This article explores practical insights and actionable strategies to fuel your…

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  • How to Feel Good about the Trade-Offs of Compromising in Conflict Resolution

    Explore the art of compromise in conflict resolution and discover how to embrace its trade-offs for a more harmonious life. Learn about the principles of compromise, the role it plays in personal growth, and how to maintain a positive mindset. Dive into insightful journal prompts and affirmations to navigate conflicts with grace and self-assuredness, fostering…

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  • Why Journal Prompts Help Preserve Mental Health and Relationships

    Explore the avoiding conflict management style and discover how skillful avoidance preserves your mental health and relationships. Learn the benefits and challenges, set healthy boundaries, and integrate avoidance into personal growth with insightful journal prompts and self-love affirmations. Journaling for Conflict Resolution Conflict is an unexpected visitor in our lives, impacting our well-being and relationships.…

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  • The Best Conflict Management Journal Prompts for Prioritizing Relationships and Harmony

    Dive into the accommodating style, prioritize harmony, and learn how journal prompts can transform conflicts into opportunities for growth and self-awareness. Balance accommodation with self-respect and discover the lifelong journey of inner exploration through the power of self-love journaling. Journaling for Conflict Resolution Conflict is like an unwelcome guest inevitably showing up in our lives,…

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  • How Life in China Painfully Made me Grow up (in My 40s)

    Discover the transformative journey experienced while adapting to life in China. From small-town Canada to bustling Beijing, follow a path of resilience and lessons learned. Explore the unexpected challenges and rewards of embracing a new life abroad. Opening Up to Unexpected Growth If you had asked me ten years ago whether I saw myself living…

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  • Are You Celebrating Your Journey of Self-Discovery?

    Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery through the art of celebrating personal growth. Explore how redefining success, embracing small victories, and pacing life on your terms leads to authentic fulfillment. Discover how to rewrite your narrative, shifting focus from distant milestones to the present and orchestrating a symphony of growth resonating with your unique…

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  • How Can Home Sweet Home Leave You Bewildered? (Reverse Culture Shock)

    Embarking on a journey home after years abroad unveils an unexpected emotional voyage known as reverse culture shock. Join me as we navigate the tumultuous waters of returning to familiar shores, exploring personal anecdotes like the overwhelming moments at Heathrow Airport. Discover the profound insights gained from experiencing culture shock in reverse as we delve…

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  • How to Awaken Your Inner Hero and Choose Action over Waiting for Rescue

    Discover the allure of wishing to be rescued and uncover the limitations of waiting for someone else to save you. It’s time to take action and embark on your own hero’s journey. Learn practical strategies for personal growth, from setting goals to cultivating resilience.

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  • Want to take a growth mindset quiz to cultivate your potential?

    Ready to unlock your potential? Take this growth mindset quiz to get insights and identify strategies to guide personal growth.

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